Youth Red Cross

Youth Red Cross is a well-established organisation known for its humanitarian commitment and service to the needy. This youth program is designed to involve young people in various beneficial activities where they are not only doers but beneficiaries as partners in management.

The Principles of YRC being

  • Health
  • Service
  • Friendship

The YRC wing was established in the college in the academic year 2006-07.


The Objectives and activities of the Wing are

·       Promotion of Health, Awareness about HIV / AIDS

·       Awareness campaign on hazards of drug addiction through jathas

·       Awareness about Health programs, Service to others

·       Communal harmony, Literacy campaign

·       Understanding and accepting of civil responsibilities  

·        Conduct Health check-up camps at adopted village along with N.S.S Unit and Red Ribbon club.

·       Invite health experts to guide and counsel the students.

·       Organizes Blood Donation camps through this unit annually.

The Red Cross Wing has an MoU with KIMS, Hubbali . A list of Blood Donors is provided to the hospital and whenever blood is needed, the Hospital authorities may contact such donors.