Code of Conduct for Staff

Responsibility of the Teachers

  1. Subjects are assigned to the teacher by the Head of the Department.
  2. Teachers are required to submit the Conspectus of the subjects allocated to them
  3. Daily Diary and Attendance registers should be signed each month by the Head of the Department and the Principal
  4. Mentor program should be implemented effectively. All teachers need to monitor the students assigned to them.
  5. Assignments should be given for each course soon after the first Internal test
  6. Two internal tests should be conducted in a semester. Answer scripts should be valued and students informed of their performance.
  7. Marks must be displayed on the notice board.
  8. The finalised IA marks must be displayed on the Notice Board before being sent to the University
  9. Teachers must guide, encourage and help students in their studies.
  10. A Teacher needs to be a good councillor and a facilitator.
  11. Teachers must actively undertake all the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that has been assigned to them.
  12. Teachers should be exemplary in their behaviour both inside and outside the classroom.

Guidelines regarding Attendance and Punctuality

  1. Teachers must report to duty at the time specified each day and be on the campus unless permitted or assigned duties elsewhere.
  2. If need arises to go out of the campus for some personal work, permission must be sought from the Principal and the same must be entered in the Movement Register.
  3. The working hours for Teachers as prescribed by the Government is 40 hours, while their teaching hours is 16 hours per week.
  4. Teachers must be present 10 minutes before the start of the College.
  5. Teachers have to sign in the Attendance Register twice- as soon as they come in and while going out.
  6. Teachers must compulsorily be in the College till the end of the College hours.

 Guidelines for availing Leave

  1. Prior permission must be obtained from the Principal while applying Casual leave/OD/ RH
  2. Teachers availing OD must compulsorily give joining report with relevant original  certificate while reporting  to duty.
  3. Half day CL will not be sanctioned
  4. 15 days of casual leave can be availed in a calendar year.
  5. All must report for duty on the reopening day and the last day of each semester
  6. Leave for higher studies will be granted  with the permission of the management
  7. Leave for visit to foreign countries will be granted with the permission of the Management and the Department.

Participation in Seminars, Workshops and Conferences, Publication of Research Articles

  1. Teachers are encouraged to publish research papers and articles in reputed journals as well as present papers in Conferences and Seminars
  2. Faculty are encouraged to attend Faculty Development Programmes
  3. Faculty are encouraged to complete their required Orientation and Refresher Course and Short Term Courses.
  4. Teachers are also encouraged to undertake Project work.
  5. The attendance to seminars and conferences and Courses will be treated as OD leave
  6. Teachers are encouraged to conduct research in their subject.

General Rules

  1. Teachers Association should not be formed without the permission of the Management
  2. Teachers should not involve themselves in any form of political activity inside or outside the College.
  3. Proper dress code must be maintained by the Teachers.
  4. Teachers must not participate in any strike or demonstration either inside or outside the campus
  5. The notices issued by the authority should be complied with.
  6. Teachers should not make or receive calls on their phones while taking classes.
  7. Teachers must conduct  at least one activity pertaining to the Association or clubs they are in charge of.
  8.  All the Teachers are expected to participate and help in the conduct of various College programs like Sports Day, Medical Check-up, Independence Day, Republic Day and any other program organised by the College.
  9. Teachers are expected to conduct Remedial Classes  for slow learners and Bridge Course for new entrants.
  10. Department meeting must be conducted.
  11. No representation to any Government authority or University should be made in the name of the College without the permission of the Principal and the Management.


  1. All the Administrative staff should abide the College timings (8a.m. – 3p.m.)
  2. The Menial Staff should report to duty each day hour an hour in advance(7.30 am.)
  3. Non-teaching will carry out all the duties assigned to them
  4. Those assigned lab duties should maintain the lab and keep it clean.

Non-teaching staff shall not leave the College premises without permission