Administration and Information Centre - Office

As soon as one enters the college, the first thing that catches the eye is the Administration Centre - the Office.

On the wall to the left is the wall of fame which displays the ranks, highest percentage and gold medals that the college has received since its inception, a witness to the its achievements and glory.

The Office is the nerve-center of the college and it is here that all the administrative needs of the students and parents are met. The office is ever ready to extend its cooperation and help to anyone who comes here- be it an alumnus, student or a prospective one. The atmosphere and approach at the office is a combination of patience and professionalism. The office is equipped with broadband LAN and Wi-Fi connection.

The office mediates between the Karnatak University and the Jt. Director’s Office, Dharwad. It is prompt and quick in addressing any issues or queries required by either of these institutions. Each member of the office is in charge of a specific assignment and has to report the proceedings to the Principal as and when the need arises.

The office also caters to the need of the students such as admission information, information related to exams-hall tickets, scholarship – National, State and Regional, minority, bus pass, and other welfare measures that are available for the students.