The greater strength of the College is its ability to help students to develop a wholesome personality. The essence of the college is the sense of belongingness among the faculty, staff and students.  The college has always encouraged students to excel in curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities


College Prayer

Bless O LORD, our college that both

teachers and students may be governed by

true love of learning and may, by Thy

grace possess that integrity which alone

can bring them knowledge of truth.

 Bestow upon us, O LORD our  God,

understanding to know Thee,

Diligence to seek Thee,

Wisdom to find Thee and faithfulness

that may finally rest in Thee,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




The Crest is reflective of Peace, Light of Knowledge, Justice, Industry, Trade and Commerce and embodies three cardinal tenets  - Faith, Service, Growth.


The College believes in God Almighty, the source of all knowledge and wisdom.  The institution intends to foster physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.  The ultimate end reflected in the motto is Faith in God and oneself, Growth in all its aspects and Service to the students and community at large.


Inspired by the love and teachings of Jesus Christ, our temple of learning aims at producing intellectually well-trained, morally upright, socially committed, spiritually inspired men and women for the nation in the contemporary scenario.


To achieve the vision through an orchestrated, institutionalized and synergied institutional process, pooling the resources human and otherwise-of all the stake holders concerned.

Goals and Objectives

• To motivate students through exposures and experiences to achieve their goals with maximum competency and excellence in all their endeavors with global standards. To provide apt opportunities to assimilate the knowledge and to interpret it critically and creatively to become beacons for the society around them.

• To serve as forum for young people to develop their potentialities in both curricular and extra-curricular aspects.

• To develop qualities of ideal citizenship with awareness of civic responsibilities and to provide experiences to inculcate moral and spiritual value.

• To facilitate guidance and counselling in matters relating to personal life, career and social living.

College Ethos

The college ethos is a fine blend of cultures, attitudes, creativity and camaraderie. While much emphasis is laid on academic excellence, there is plenty of scope and opportunity for extracurricular and co curricular activities. Ours is a co-education college. The aim is to treat both young men and women as equals and provide them with equal opportunities for development. Much scope and attention is given to the girls, who constitute more than 50% of the college strength. Measures are taken to make them confident and self reliant.

The faculty of the college is excellent not only for its academic achievements and teaching skills, but for the concern each has towards the students. Teachers mentor the students not only regarding their studies but also when students approach them with problems- social, personal or even financial. Healthy and friendly environment, conducive to the building of bonds among the students, the teachers and the principal is prevalent in the College.

Effort is made to make each student feel special and that we care.

When the students steps out into the world he/she is equipped with values, ethics and belief in one self and abilities.