Financial Aid & Awards

The following are the Scholarships and Awards available for deserving students

Government Scholarship

  1. Pattaan Panchayat Scholarship 
  2. Puraskbhe Karyalaya Scholarship
  3. Sanchihonnamma Scholarship
  4. SC Scholarship
  5. ST Scholarship
  6. Student Welfare Fund
  7. General Fee Concession
  8. Minority Scholarship

(Students have to apply online for SSP and NSP)

Private Scholarship

  1. Sultan Chand Scholarship
  2. Student Aid Fund
  3. Sitaram Jindal Foundation
  4. HDMC Educational Crisis Scholarship

The Alumni of the College has instituted various awards for the meritorious and high achievers

  1. Late R.S. Bangera Memorial Cash Prize for excellence in Academics - Final year
  2. Late R.S. Bangera Memorial Cash Prize for excellence in Sports- Final year
  3. The President of Alumni Cash Prize
  4. Shri. Narshima Joshi Cash Prize for highest in Economics


Policy for the award of Institutional and Private Scholarships

In order to provide encouragement and help pursue education, the college has instituted the Students Aid Fund. This scholarship is given to economically weak students. Scope is given to girl students to encourage them toward successful completion of the course.

 The scholarship and aid fund is  installed to make higher education accessible to socially weaker students. As a part of the Mission, our College supports students by way of awarding them with scholarships and aid fund. Scholarships and aid fund are awarded to students not only by our college  but also by private entities.

Objective and Scope of the Students Aid Fund

  1. Aid to students in need
  2. Should actively participate in college events
  3. Should be regular to classes

Procedures of Selection and Award

  1. List of students is collected from the faculty
  2. Students deserving are earmarked
  3. Selected students are called for interview
  4. Selected recipients are awarded scholarship through NEFT

Concession from the Management:

  1. Scope for Students who cannot afford to pay the entire fees
  2. Application of request along with the reason for concession
  3. The application is forwarded to the Management for approval
  4. For children or relatives of faculty or staff

Facility to pay in instalment:

  1. This facility is provided for such students who are unable to pay fees at one time
  2. This facility can be availed only with regards to college fees
  3. Application with request and valid reason

Financial Aid from Private Entities

  1. Aid from sponsors during admission
  2. Faculty too provide aid during admission for needy students

Contribution from Alumni Association

  1. Cash prize for highest scorer in academics for continuing higher education
  2. Cash prize for highest scorer in sports for continuing higher education

Regular Scholarship by Private organasations

Sultan Chand Scholarship

Sitaram Jindal Foundation

HDMC Educational Crisis Scholarship

Application is invited and students’ applications are forwarded to the concerned agency who will select deserving students as per their criteria.

The policy is communicated to the students, faculty, staff and all stakeholders through Prospectus and through Institutional Website.