Eco Friendly Campus

The college can boast of a clean campus. Use of plastic is banned in the campus and banners are put up in strategic places to minimise the waste of water and power. The Eco-Club of the college take special care to create awareness among students and faculty by organising various environment related talks and the celebration of World Environment Day where various green projects are undertaken.

The college has a small patch of medicinal plants. Green Audit is also undertaken by the Eco club.

The college in collaboration with the Eco Club has undertaken the following initiatives to make the campus eco friendly


  • Plantation: Each year saplings are planted in the campus and outside to commemorate World Environment Day.

  • Rainwater Harvesting: This has helped us conserve the rain water and recharge the borewell.

  • Medicinal Plants: it is hearting to witness this project wherein the students themselves have taken the initiative and cultivate a small patch exclusively for medicinal plants.

  • Solar Panel: To make utmost use of renewable energy, the college has a solar panel to provide power whenever there is a power cut. The entire office, principal’s chamber is powered by solar energy.

  • LED lights: LED lights are used in large number to help reduce the greenhouse gases effect as well as conserve energy.

  • E-Waste Disposal: The college has a MoU with the electronic device provider. Who takes care of disposing the e-waste.

  • Compost: The Eco Club of the college has set up two wire mesh bins in the garden for collection of dried leaves, which gets converted into organic compost to be used for the plants.

  • Garbage Disposal: the waste is collected in garbage bins that are placed in every corridor and disposed each day at the Municipal Garbage disposal van that comes each morning to the campus.