Principal's Message

Welcome to CSI College of Commerce, Dharwad

At CSI College of Commerce, our effort has always been to guide and mould our students to be better human begins and to learn to contribute towards making the world a better place to live in. Our efforts have been driven by the words displayed in crest of our College- Faith, Trust and Growth. That is what we try to inculcate in the young minds- Faith in God and in one’s self; Trust in one’s ability and the system and Growth that is the end result of faith and trust and a quality that we aspire our students and faculty to strive for and achieve. Every student who enters into the portals of this institution comes with a dream, a goal and we at our College try our best to nurture and allow the dream to blossom and to be fulfilled. While the education that is imparted at CSI prepares our students for the competitive world, the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities help students achieve a full-fledged, all-round personality. Besides these, we strive to inculcate among our students ethics and values wherein they are taught to give back to the society. One of the many remarkable best practices that the College follows is “Aashakiran”, a day spent with intellectually challenged children. This has changed the perspective of our students and taught them the real meaning of giving back to the society. With a legacy garnered from the Missionaries and their selfless service, the College strongly believes in service to the needy and help to the under privileged and the marginalised.

At CSI College of Commerce, it has always been our motto, vision and mission that we believe in ourselves and step ahead with trust in God and His abundant grace.

Dr. Kamala D. Dhawale