Sports Laurels

The institution has made significant achievements in the field of sports also. Every year we have been able to produce good number of University Blues. During the current year, we have produced 20 University Blues. The college has been bagging Championship in at least 4 - 5 team events and individual events.

A glance at the pages of the sports reveals the following outstanding achievements.

1. Basketball (Men) Championship 10 times.
2. Basketball (Men) Runners' Up 5 times.
3. Basketball (Women) Championship 5 times.
4. Basketball (Women) Runners' Up 1 times.
5. Netball (Men) Championship 5 times.
6. Netball (Women) Championship 5 times.
7. Tennis (Men) Championship 8 times.
8. Cricket (Men) Championship 2 times.
9. Volleyball (Men) Runners' Up 4 times.
10. Football (Men) Championship 1 time.
11. Football (Women) Runners' Up 4 times.
12. Hockey (Men) Runners' Up 1 time.
13. Table Tennis (Men) Championship 2 time.
14. Table Tennis (Women) Runners' Up 5 times.
15. Shuttle Badminton (Men) Championship 2 times.
16. Shuttle Badminton (Men) Runners' Up 5 times.
17. Shuttle Badminton (Women) Championship 2 times.

We have been able to produce 272 University Blues over these years in different events of sports who have represented in Inter-University, State, South Zone and All India Combined Inter University team

The college has the credit of having conducted various selection Trials and Tournaments of Karnatak University, Dharwad.

Karnatak University Inter-Collegiate Tournaments.

(a) Cricket 5 times.
(b) Shuttle Badminton 3 times.
(c) Hockey 1 time.
(d) Football 2 times.
(e) Basket Ball 2 times.
(f) Lawn Tennis 7 times.
(g) Kabaddi 1 time.
(h) Table Tennis 5 times.