The college delegates authority and provides operational autonomy to the department, the head and faculty are empowered to take all necessary measures to develop the departments in consultation with the Principal.

Departmental meetings are conducted by Head of the Departments for academic planning for conferences, seminars, workshops and the execution of planned activities.

Every activity of the institution like teaching, research, administration, co-curricular activity follows a well-defined system and every faculty member responsibly uses the powers delegated.

Staff-in-charge of Sports, NSS, Library and Convenors of different committees are delegated powers to perform their duties.

The management of our institution has ensured decentralised governance by giving operational autonomy in terms of admission of students, academic activity and
conducting of co-curricular activities. College has clearly defined and well-mechanised administrative system.  The following is the design of the administrative structure that provides operational autonomy and decentralisation:

List of Institutions run by our Management

Our Institutions

1. Basel Mission Boys High School, Dharwad, 1838

2. Basel Mission Congregation Kannada Higher Primary School, Dharwad , 1896

3. Basel Mission Practising School,1942

4. Basel Mission Pre-Primary School, Dharwad, 1942

5. Basel Mission Teachers’ Training College, 1947

6. Basel Mission Girls’ High School, Dharwad,1945

7. Basel Mission Primary School, Dharwad,2000

8. Basel Mission Composite Junior College,1964; 1972

9. Kittel Science College Dharwad,1968

10. Kittel Arts College Dharwad,1968; 1988

11. Basel Mission English Medium School, 1973

12. CSI College of Commerce, Dharwad,1973

13. The Most. Rev. Dr. V.P. Dandin, ITI College, Dharwad, 1977

14. Kittel Arts and Commerce, P.U College,1968, 2001

15. Kittel Science Pre-University College, Dharwad ,1968; 2002

16. Basel Mission Typing Centre, Dharwad

17. Basel Mission Boys’ Higher Secondary School, Hubli, 1953

18. Basel Mission Girls’ High School, Hubli,1953;1962

19. Basel Mission Agriculture High School, Betgeri, 1962

20. Wardlaw P.U College, Bellary,1845; 1972

21. SPG Jubilee Higher Primary School, Bellary,1894

22. LMAV Kannada Primary School S.N. Pet, Bellary,1848

23. London Mission Telugu Higher Primary School Bellary, 1826

24. Wardlaw CSI Degree College, Bellary, 2008

25. Basel Mission Town Primary School , Gadag -Betageri , 1874

26. Basel Mission Kannada Girls’ Primary School, Summaddi,1898

27. Basel Mission Kannada Boys’ Primary School, Guledgudda,1858

28. Basel Mission Girls’ School, Guledgudda,1901

29. St. Peter’s ‘A’ Class Telugu Primary School, Hubli, 1924

30. St. Peter’s High School, Hubli, 1958

31. Basel Mission  Parochial Kannada Boys’ Higher School, Hubli, 1881

32. Basel Mission Senior Primary Girls’ School, Hubli, 1906

Besides the schools and colleges, various boarding homes , hostels, creches, orphanages and hospital come under the umbrella of our Management.