Discipline & Anti-Ragging Cell

As per the directions of the UGC, the college has constituted an Anti-ragging committee.

Since ragging is a heinous crime, and a criminal offence, care is taken to keep the college campus ragging free.

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the college. The College strongly believes in nurturing a harmonious relationship amongst its students. The anti- ragging cell established in the College comprises of Principal and other faculty members.

Care is taken to sensitise students on the ill-effect of ragging and its aftermath. Awareness is given as students start their admission procedure where both students and parents are required to submit an Affidavit vowing not to indulge in ragging. (Click to Download).

Awareness is also created during the Induction program for the Freshers at the beginning of every academic year. Students are made to understand that they respect and accept their peers beyond religious and cultural differences.

College displays posters detailing laws and punishment against ragging

Ragging complaint mechanism: students can either drop a written complaint with or inform the Principal or the Student Welfare Officer.

Punishment for ragging: suspension, cancellation of admission, penal action

The policy for Anti-Ragging is made known to students through  posters, and through Institutional website.