Eco Club

The responsibility to nurture mother Earth is in my hands.

With so much pollution and garbage around us, we felt the need for a clean and green environment. It is better late than never that the students realize that faster they act, faster they can save our Earth.-The most precious gift of God.

The main objectives of the Eco Club

  • To create awareness in minds of youth about environment
  • The importance of healthy environment and their roles in protecting it
  • To acquaint them with eco friendly ways to protect our planet 
  • To adhere to the slogan–reduce, reuse and recycle

It was the initiative of the Eco club to take up Rain Water Harvesting; to set up the lawn, tree plantation at our adopted village, to upgrade the solar panel.

The entire groundfloor inclusive of the office and the principal's chamber is powered by solar engergy

Report Of Eco Club (Click to view )