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As a post accreditation activity to upgrade and sustain quality in Higher Education and as per the guidelines set forth by the NAAC, Bangalore, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established on 10th December, 2006. Since then, the IQAC has become an integral part of the institution, keeping in mind the need for an overall development of Academic, Administrative and Infrastructural needs.


            Principal                                    :    Dr. K.D. Dhawale

            Co-ordinator                             :    Dr. C.H. Patil

            Members                                   :    Prof. C.M. Kotturshettar

                                                                  Dr. S.N. Hanchinmani

                                                                  Prof. B.F. Gamanagatti

            Alumni                                      :    Shri. Basavaraj Bikkannavar

                                                                  Shri. Vinay Hebbal

                                                                  Shri. P.M. Mudigoudar

                                                                  Shri. Subhas Patil

                                                                  Prof. V.V. Patil

                                                                  Prof. B.S. Patil

                                                                  Prof. C.V. Koppad

                                                                  Mr. Prabhu Shirur

            Students                                  :           Miss. Disha Deshpande

                                                                  Miss. Ashalata Shetty

                                                                  Mr. Manjunath Malode

                                                                  Mr. Ravindra Kulkarni

                                                                  Miss. Soudhamini N.

                                                                  Miss. Bhagyashree Gadgil

                                                                  Mr. Ashwin Dhawale

                                                                  Mr. Bharamagouda Giddappagoudra

            Faculty                                      :    Dr. S.V. Hegadal

                          Prof. (Smt.) R.B. Sakkari                                                  

                                                                  Shri. B.V. Kapparashetty

                                                                  Dr. G.V. Kokkalki

                                                                  Dr. G.M. Hugar

                                                                  Smt. Manasa C. T.

                                                                  Shri. S.R. Williams

                                                                  Shri. Suresh Maben

                  Smt. S.R. Haliyal

            Administrative Staff                :    Shri. S.J. Dandin

                                                                  Smt. L.R. Soans

            Technical Staff                         :    Smt. J.P. Goni

            Management Representatives   :    Prof. J.S. Kuri

            External Experts                       :    Prof. Y.M. Jayaraj

            Stakeholder                              :    Dr. V.M. Korvi

            Industrialists                             :    Shri. Mahesh Bellad

            Community Representative      :    Rev. D.T. Konesagar




Goal of IQAC:

  • Implementing the recommendations of the NAAC Peer Team.
  • Enhancement and sustenance of quality education.
  • Upgradation and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Augmentation of ICT in teaching-learning.


Functions of IQAC:

  • IQAC conducts meeting twice in an academic year.
  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation are the prime concern of the IQAC.
  • Enhancing and sustaining the quality of teaching-learning process.
  • Facilities are given for improving the quality of teaching and learning process.
  • Enhancement of infrastructural facilities.
  • Students are encouraged to promote class-room activity so as to maintain the quality of education and their overall growth.
  • The committees like library advisory committee, magazine committee, examination committee constituted and well equipped for quality assurance of the Institution’s administration.
  • Participation of maximum number of students is assured in cultural and other activities.
  • Promotes research culture in the institution.
  • Co-ordinates with all stakeholders.
  • Conducts Gender Audit.
  • Supports the conduct of workshops, awareness programmes, special lectures, seminars and other activities for total quality enhancement.
  • Analyses feedback from stakeholders and informs the concerned about its outcome.
  • Prepares Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR).


Implementation of IQAC Proposals and Decisions Taken:

The following decisions of the IQAC have been approved by the management and most of them are implemented:

  • Separate reading section for teachers and girl students in the library.
  • Construction of seminar hall.
  • Construction of Gym.
  • Extension of office.
  • Extension of staff room to have a separate cabin for department heads.
  • Extension of ladies room to have more seating arrangements and wash room facilities.
  • Additional urinal facilities for boys at ground floor.
  • Construction of additional class rooms.
  • Computers with internet and Wi-Fi facility for students and faculty in the library, staff room.
  • Office to be computerized.
  • Different segments of books, magazines and periodicals are to be made available in the library.
  • Teachers are to be encouraged to be more research-oriented.
  • Better sports infrastructure and trainers.
  • Social concerns, moral values to be inculcated among students.
  • Extra and remedial classes to be conducted for slow learners.
  • Environmental protection and pollution control programmes to be conducted regularly.
  • College to be centre of excellence for CPT classes.
  • Upgradation of class rooms with latest ICT, audio, visual and internet connectivity.
  • Efforts to be made to setup corporate-academic linkage.
  • Faculty members to be motivated to present papers at National and International Conferences / Seminars / Workshops.
  • Initiatives to be taken for creating awareness regarding environmental protection and women empowerment among the students.
  • Organising the National/ State Level Seminars / Conferences with grants form UGC.
  • Initiatives to be taken for the renovation of computer lab, installation of CC TV Cameras and other infrastructural developments.
  • Organising community service oriented programmes through NSS,Red Ribbon Club, Youth Red Cross Wing, and Women Cell.
  • Teaching staff to be encouraged to procure more research grants from UGC for major and minor research projects.